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Ringer's Pet Dog Training

Don't Blame 'Em - Train 'Em!

Fred Helfers will be here for 2 days,

March 30th and 31st


Handler Error and Skill Building sessions:

“Identifying the 10 most Common Handler Error Faults”

“This lecture specifically focuses on Handler Error and incorporates both video and power point presentations. Experience has shown that by establishing and a consistent maintenance training program, the areas of handler error

(e. g. leash handling, detailing skills, reading changes of behavior, search patterns, cueing, considering environment) are easily understood and correctable. The experienced canine handler will quickly recognize that there are many situations that can lead to handler error.”

Saturday afternoon will be Handler drills and Skill building with dog teams. Fred will with teams to improve training,


Foundation to Finesse

The workshop covers handler skills, reading your dog, and training drills that define patterned searches and communication with minimal intrusion on the dog working to an odor source. (Teams of all skill levels.)

Six teams will work their dogs in the morning session and then audit the afternoon session. A different six will work their dogs in the afternoon, they will audit the morning. Video review of dog teams.

Fred Helfers is a retired police narcotics detective who began handling and training detection dogs in 1982. He has trained hundreds of detection dog teams in the U.S.A., Australia, Canada, and Brazil. Fred has also trained detection dogs for insects, natural gas, and accelerants.

Fred is a CNWI, judge, and certifying official for NACSW. He is a founding member of the Scientific Working Group on Orthogonal Factors (SWGDOG). He is a past president of Association and the founding president of Police Detection Dog Association.

Working spots are on Sunday. ***                                              To Register click here

   Working one day $150

   Working Sunday, audit Saturday $210

   Auditing one day $80

   Auditing both days $150

Location: Ringer’s Pet Dog Training

               3041 Freeport Rd.

               Natrona Heights, PA 15065