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Ringer's Pet Dog Training

Don't Blame 'Em - Train 'Em!

Pet Supplies

In addition to our food and treats, we carry pet supplies with many different purposes. If you are looking for something specific, please give us a call to see if it's in stock, or if we can special order it for you.


The Kong Company has set the standard in rubber dog toys for the past 20 years. Their popularity and durability are legendary! Dogs absolutely love these rubber toys because of the unpredictable way they bounce thanks to the unique hive shape. This makes a great chase toy for building motor skills and coordination. In addition, the hollow center allows you to wedge in treats or peanut butter that will keep your dog entertained for hours.

More information at Kong Company.

The original Nylabone Chews are a long-time favorite of both dogs and owners. Designed to let your pooch indulge their natural urge to chew in a healthy, safe, and tasty way. Nylabones aid in removing plaque from teeth plus come in a variety of sizes, shapes flavors to satisfy any dog. All Nylabone products are ASPCA approved and made in the USA.  

More Information about the Nylabone.

Please note that ANY toy we recommend has gone through our "testing staff" and

received their "Bark of Approval".

Collars & Leashes

Head Halters offer an effective and humane No pulling or lunging during walks! Unlike muzzles or prong collars, this head halter is comfortable, painless, and never chokes your dog. It is scientifically designed to work with your dog's natural instincts, resulting in rapid positive behavior modification.

All Lupine Collars and Leads are made in the USA from the finest quality nylon webbing. The side-release buckles are the strongest available. Best of all, Lupine offers an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee on every item they manufacture. (This even covers damage from chewing!)  

For more information, visit the Lupine site.


Herbsmith makes a variety of natural herbals to help with many different ailments. "Calm Shen", pictured here, helps calm dogs when in nervous situations, such as car rides or vet visits. They also make supplements

to support liver function, support immunity, and relieve joint pain.