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Ringer's Pet Dog Training

Don't Blame 'Em - Train 'Em!


In the year 2001, I had the wonderful idea to purchase a black lab puppy for my 2 year old son. What a disaster that was. I wasn't prepared for the work and training that a puppy requires. There were times that the only thought I had was, "how can I get rid of her". Well we signed her up for obedience classes with Ringer's Dog Training in January of 2002. At that time, I also enrolled her in doggy day care. Many of my co-workers and family members thought I was crazy. Bruce and Kim gave me wonderful advice on how to work with Zoe. She is now the most wonderful dog! We enjoy her so much, that we purchased a male lab from the same breeder. With Scout, I understand what my responsibility is with the dogs. I also know how to get them to listen. Zoe and Scout both attend day care. They know the days they go and can't wait to get there. They enjoy Kim and Bruce and you can see it when we arrive in the morning. What a happy ending!!!

-Jodi B., Lower Burrell  

I purchased a 6 month old Golden Retriever from a private party (who I later discovered "played" too rough with the dog). As a result, Harley had developed severe problems with constantly "mouthing" your hands and arms. Not only was this annoying and painful for me, but to other family members and houseguests as well. I enrolled him at Ringer's where Bruce and Kim even gave some personalized instruction for this behavior problem. Not only was the dog trained, but I was too! Turns out my previous attempts at correcting the problem only made it worse. Thanks to their help and expertise, Harley not longer "mouths" and is a wonderful and loving companion. Thank you!

-Lisa P., Natrona Heights

Doggy daycare saved our marriage!

- A very smart man who wishes to remain anonymous, Lower Burrell

I wanted to take my 8 week old sheltie pup for training early on. The first place I went was harsh and punitive. I quickly looked for another place and found Ringers. I couldn't have been happier. Bruce, Kim, Becky and Beth were professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of dog training and the best part is they were kind and gentle with my puppy. We continued at Ringers for all our training and my shy puppy went on to obtain her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International there. I recommend Ringers to everyone I meet who is interested in good, positive, result based training. My sheltie now visits schools for the Tail Waggin Tutors reading program which is so rewarding. Also, Ringers offers individual sessions for specific needs. Bruce and Beth did a house call to teach me to train my sheltie with appropriate behavior when the door bell rings. I don't think you can find a better place than Ringers!

-Cathy F., Cheswick

When we adopted Dove at 12 weeks, she was off-the-wall with energy. I started taking her to Ringer's for day care once or twice a week, and we could see an immediate difference in her. She is now a lot easier to manage in terms of energy, knows how to play with other dogs, and is generally a much more satisfied puppy. She loves going to daycare so much we can't say that word unless we're going, and even if we don't tell her she always knows when we're taking her to see Bruce, Kim and Beth. Now we're in obedience class and learning so much. We're grateful to have such wonderful trainers!

- Kristin S., Sarver

If you've had a great experience at Ringer's, and would like to add a testimonial, please contact us!