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Ringer's Pet Dog Training

Don't Blame 'Em - Train 'Em!

Upcoming Classes in Natrona Heights.

Click image to Register for classes:

Puppy Etiquette class and Basic Manners:

            Thursday, August 26th at 6:30 pm

     or      Wednesday, Sept. 8th at 6:30 pm

     or     Tuesday, Sept. 21st at 6:30 pm

     or     Saturday, Oct. 2nd at 10 am

     or      Monday, Oct. 11th at 6:30 pm

Puppy 2 for graduates of Puppy Etiquette:

            Thursday, Sept. 2nd at 7:45 pm           

            Wednesday, Sept. 15th at 7:45 pm         

            Tuesday, Sept. 28th at 7:45 pm

            Saturday, Oct. 9th at 11:45 am

             Monday, Oct. 18th at 7:45 pm

Intro to AKC Tricks -  tbd

Therapy Dog Test -  tbd     (humans must show proof of Covid vaccine, dogs must show proof of Rabies vaccine.)

Introduction to Treibball         Tbd

Intro to Nose Work     tbd

Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog     tbd

AKC Trick Dog     Tbd

Connection, Cooperation, Control     Tbd

      Puppy Etiquette &

      Adult Basic Manners


First class will have both puppy and Manners dog parents only. The class will be split by age, so the older dogs might be scheduled at different class time.

7 weekly sessions for $125


Ringer's Pet Dog Training

3041 Freeport Rd.

Natrona Heights, PA 15065

A new beginners class is starting and you'll want to get your pup enrolled ASAP - the sooner the better! This class will run for 7 consecutive weeks for one hour per week. No dogs the first night. Please bring shot records.

Feel free to call us for more details at 724-226-4822.

Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog

Date: Friday, tbd

Time: 6:30PM

CGC/TDI prep class covers all elements of the Canine Good Citizen test, as well as the Therapy Dogs International test. For more information on the CGC test: visit or give us a call. For more information and testing requirements for the TDI test, please refer to or feel free to give us a call. CGC dogs must be at least 6 months old at the time of evaluation, and TDI dogs must be 1 year at the time of evaluation (approximately 2 months after class start date). 

AKC Trick Dog Novice

Date: Tuesday, tbd

Time: 6:30 PM

6 weeks for $100


Ringer's Pet Dog Training

3041 Freeport Rd.

Natrona Heights, PA 15065

Dogs and handlers will learn tricks to earn the AKC Trick Dog titles. The title requires the dog to perform 10 tricks.

Some of the tricks will be taught by luring and some by shaping.

Intro. Agility

Date: tbd

Time: 6:30 PM


Ringer's Pet Dog Training

3041 Freeport Rd.

Natrona Heights, PA 15065

Dogs will be introduced to the agility equipment.

Introduction to Nose Work

Date: Sunday, tbd

Time: 6:00 pm

6 weeks $125

Bruce was the first Certified Nose Work instructor in western PA. Nose Work allows dogs to use their most keen sense, their nose, to find essntial oils. There are no obedience, education or temperament requirements as the dogs work one at a time. For more information, please visit or give us a call at 724-226-4822. 

Introduction to Treibball

Date: Thursday, tbd

Time: 6:30 pm

6 weeks $100

Treibball (pronounced Tribe-ball) originated in Germany a little over 10 years ago, and means “push ball”. Treibball is a low-cost, low-impact sport, any dog and handler can play. If your dog has a nose or a shoulder, he can play Treibball! The game is simple to play and train, and only requires a few fitness balls, some and a love of working with your dog. Your dog learns to target the balls, and then goes out into a playing field and pushes balls to you, with direction and control. The game is timed, with only one dog and handler team on the field, so mildly reactive dogs can participate too.

Connection, Cooperation and Control

Date:Thursday, tbd

Time: 6:45 pm

6 weeks $150

The handler / dog relationship is the focus of the class. The dog will learn to ask permission before getting want they desire. Rowdy dogs quickly learn that the handler is part of the environment and they cooperate.

Shaping Class

Date: TBD

Time: 6:30 PM

5 weeks $100

Intro to Shaping will teach the handler how to achieve a behavior through small behaviors. Complex behaviors can be built through shaping. For information on how shaping developed in animal training see the Shape of Shaping

Confidence Building

Date: tbd

Time: 6:30 PM

Shy dogs will learn to have the confidence to handle new situations without fear and stress.


Date: tbd

Time: 6:30 PM

Dogs will be introduced to canine fitness exercises that will strengthen their body's and build coordination and confidence.